Today, I asked the question which is what is the best city in Somaliland in terms of weather? I thought it must be either Sheikh or Daalo mountains but it's neither one of them.

 Contrary to what I thought, we have 4 climates in Somaliland:  

  • Hot desert climates (BWh)
  • Cold semi-arid climates (BSk)
  • Subtropical highland oceanic climate (Cwb)
  • Hot semi-arid climates (BSh)


This is called Köppen climate classification. It is an awesome system that helps you think more clearly about the weather conditions anywhere in the world. It lets you say for example Melbourne has about the same weather as London! Go figure. 

Now someone has done an amazing job of providing all the classification on a global scale. So, I have this resource to find any weather conditions in every region in Somaliland. And without further ado, here are my findings:

cityRegionAnnual rain mmhighlowavg temp.Similar toCodeClimate
Magaala QaloocAwdal670.0027.707.7019.10
Addis Abeba
Cwb Subtropical highland oceanic climate
BurcoTogdheer224.0031.7012.7022.90Phoenix BWh Hot desert climates
ZaylacAwdal82.0040.0022.0030.00JeddahBWh Hot desert climates
BadhanSanag137.0031.1011.7022.30Phoenix BWhHot desert climates
Lan AnoodSool132.0032.3012.7024.20Las VegasBWhHot desert climates
BerberaSaxil11.0042.0020.5030.20JeddahBWhHot desert climates
GudaadoSanaag482.0022.303.7014.60AleppoBSk Cold semi-arid climates
CelayaSanaag442.0023.805.0015.70AleppoBSk Cold semi-arid climates
Fadhi WeynTogdheer585.0025.205.2016.40AleppoBSkCold semi-arid climates
Cold semi-arid climates
BoramaAwdal548.0030.009.7020.90San BernardinoBSh Hot semi-arid climates
GebileyGebiley532.0029.409.8020.80San BernardinoBSh Hot semi-arid climates
FaraweyneMaroodijeex499.0030.0010.2021.40San BernardinoBSh Hot semi-arid climates
SheekhTogdheer466.0028.607.9019.10San BernardinoBSh Hot semi-arid climates
HargeisaMaroodijeex409.0031.3011.7022.00San BernardinoBSh Hot semi-arid climates
Gabiley 630.0028.308.2019.50San BernardinoBShHot semi-arid climates
Gacan Libah
Maroodijeex531.0027.407.1018.10San BernardinoBShHot semi-arid climates

Best Weather in Somaliland goes to Magaala Qalooc (the twisted city) it is located in Awdal region close to the Ethiopian border. I have never heard of it before but defiantly on the list of places to visit. It as the same weather as Addis Abeba and it receives the biggest amount of rain in the country.

Second Best goes to Fadhi Weyn area in togdheer region next to Shiekh city. It has similar weather to Aleppo but double the amount of rainfall. In this category also we have Gudaado, Celaya and Erigavo. All of these are near Mount Shimbiris in Sanag region - the highest point in Somaliland. While Gudaado has relatively cooler weather, the difference in annual rain level is so huge that Fadhi Weyn aka the Big Seat deserves to be the second best weather in the country.

The third place goes to western regions. It includes Hargeisa, Gabliey and Borama. The rainfall and temperature are quite similar. It is hard for me to choose between Gacan Libah and Jufa. They are very different land types so I feel like comparing apples to oranges. So for this group, the winner could be any of these wonderful areas. Yea, these cities have a similar climate to San Bernardino in California (with double amount of rains)

Last but not least, we have the hot desert areas. The city of Burco has relatively better conditions in terms of temperate and rainfall while Berbera feels like hell on earth. Funny enough, Las Vegas and Las Anod share parts of the name and the weather as well.


Hi My name is Abdi-Rahman Daud. I am a software engineer and... In this blog I will be sharing whatever I find useful in the technology sector


This blog is running on Azure managed container service AKS using the dotnet based mini blog template. 


I followed a couple of other blogs and github issues to make this work. So let me share the docker file:

FROM microsoft/dotnet:latest
COPY . /app
RUN ["dotnet", "restore"]
RUN ["dotnet", "build", "-c", "release"]
EXPOSE 80/tcp
ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "run", "--server.urls", "http://*:80"]


and the yaml file is as follows

 apiVersion: v1

kind: PersistentVolumeClaim


  name: myApp-pv-claim

  annotations: default



    - ReadWriteOnce



      storage: 1Gi


apiVersion: apps/v1beta2

kind: Deployment


  name: myApp


  replicas: 1

  minReadySeconds: 10


    type: RollingUpdate


      maxUnavailable: 1

      maxSurge: 1




        app: myApp



      - name: myApp


        imagePullPolicy: Always


        - name: myApp-pv-storage

          mountPath: /mnt/azure


        - containerPort: 80


          - name: secret-my-register


      - name: myApp-pv-storage


          claimName: myApp-pv-claim


apiVersion: v1

kind: Service


  name: myApp


  type: LoadBalancer


  - port: 80

    targetPort: 80


    app: myApp

Docker version is 18, and k8s is 1.8

After each merge to master, this is the hook I am using to deploy (the last two lines are not working as expected so I will manually delete the pod to apply the new image, I am sure there is a better way to do this)

docker build -t local-image:latest .
docker tag locale-image:latest my-image-at-azure-acr:latest
az acr login -n my-acr-at-azure
docker push my-image-at-azure-acr:latest
kubectl apply -f myblog.yaml --validate=false
kubectl get pods